Talking Law  III – Celebrating Diversity in Law

Talking Law  III – Celebrating Diversity in Law
In this book Sally Penni celebrates leading black lawyers in law as solicitors and Barristers. And celebrating non black allies.   A book every law school should read it , every chamber should buy and every trainee in law firms should have it.  Containing chapters on other lawyers who made History including Britains first black Judge and Britains first black police man.
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About the Book

Written in 2020 during a global pandemic and resurrection of the Black Lives Matter movement. Talking Law Volume III celebrates some of the exceptional black lawyers in law at present.In this third book of the Talking Law series, Sally Penni MBE celebrates black excellence and role models in law, black legal history and discusses black history and the challenges that still remain in law.Includes inspiring interviews with Lady Hale of Richmond, Mary Prior QC, Tunde Okewole and Dr Leslie Thomas QC.

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Series: Talking Law, Book 3
Genre: Law books
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Paperback
Length: 492
ASIN: 1838084827
ISBN: 9781838084820
List Price: £12.99
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